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Welcome to the home of the Pennsyltucky RR

Currently the Pennsyltucky RR is without a home as we have recently moved to a new home with space for my train workshop but as yet no identified location for a layout.

As of now I am concentrating on completing the many model kits I have accumulated over the years and getting as many on display as possible.

I recently completed converting all of my motive power to can motors with scale gearing from SnS Trains.  Visit their sight for American Flyer repairs and repowering needs.


The Pennsyltucky RR will be a central Pennsylvania short line with a logging and coal theme plus some additional manufacturing facilities.

It is the parent of the Elimsport, Beech Creek and Trout Run narrow gauge line and will feature a dual gauge interchange similar to that in Mount Union with the East Broad Top.

My goal is for the layout to be a combination of S Scale and hi-rail and will feature my original American Flyer set I received from my father for Christmas 4 months BEFORE I was born. That is the power of positive thinking.

Locale and Era

The layout will be primarily modeling the Susquehanna River Valley around the area of Clinton County, PA. and will be based on the steam to diesel transition era with some historical liberties to move some earlier timeframe activities to the 50's.


As with many modelers my age I will be attempting to recreate the time period when I grew up and fell asleep listening to the steam engines across the river from my house.