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Welcome to the home of Pennsyltucky RR Consulting

Carey Probst, owner of the Pennsyltucky RR provides consulting services specializing in web page development and Oracle Analytic products.


We provide consulting services specializing in design and development of Business Analytics applications based on Oracle OLAP and the Escendo Analysis Suite of products. 

In addition we create web sites using either IIS or Apache/Tomcat as servers.


Mr. Probst has been working with Oracle OLAP since it was first created by Management Decision Systems in the early 1970s as EXPRESS.

He was the Client Services Manager at MDS and has worked almost exclusively with Express, now Oracle OLAP, for over 30 years.

In addition Mr. Probst now works as an web application developer for the Physician Assistant program at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania.

Resume and Linked In Profile


Mr. Probst is a 1972 graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with degrees in Aeronautics and Astronautics along with Management from the MIT Sloane School.

In addition he has an MBA in Finance with a minor in Management Science from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario.